Secondary Schools Selection Support

Bronze Service


For DIY parents seeking a light touch support.

  • Questionnaire to capture the current situation including:
    • Post Code
    • Academic Ability
    • Extra-curricular Activities / Other Skills & Talents
    • Specific Preferences e.g. faith criteria; maximum travel distance; boarding or independent school considerations etc.
  • A 15-minute consultation session to provide feedback and next steps based on questionnaire answers.


Terms and Conditions

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Silver Service


For those who require premium support.

Everything included in the Bronze Service


A high level report personalised for your child. It will provide an overview of his/her potential secondary school options.

The analysis will be based on the completed questionnaire and other details provided during the consultation session. 


Terms and Conditions

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Gold Service


For those who prefer end-to-end support.

Everything included in the Silver Service


A 30-minute consultation session to address any questions arising from the report and any other points of clarification.

A review of your child's application form for State Secondary Schools to check that due consideration has been given to the points in the report.

Terms and Conditions

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Platinum Service


For those also considering independent education.

Everything included in the Gold Service


One-to-one support will be provided for the independent secondary schools application process. This service covers a single independent school.

Additional independent school applications will be supported for an extra fee of £60 per school.

Terms and Conditions

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