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Highly recommend soft skills workshop

12 December, 2020

I was happy that my son attended this workshop. He found that he was able to practise interview skills and was keen to show me when I asked him to, he actually was happy to demonstrate his newly-honed skills to me! Highly recommend.

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Grace Olugbodi

Soft skills workshop

12 December, 2020

My 14 year old son attended the Soft skills workshop during the half term in February 2019.

He was reluctant to attend at first as he felt i was denying him of 2 days of his holiday.

I was however pleasantly surprised when i picked him up ,as he had a big grin on his face and said it was really interesting. He was very happy about how the day had turned out. He said it was very interactive and the trainer engaged really well with the group. He had learnt about communication skills including body language and tone, interviewing skills, and took part in role play with feedback from the groups, there was also a presentation on topics interesting to youths.

He was extremely eager to attend the next day. To top it up on the second day he came home with a bag of useful materials to remind him of the workshop.

I am so glad I encouraged him to attend, as it turned out to be a very rewarding experience. Many of the things he learnt at the workshop he is still applying in various ways today.

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Bimpe Olowe

Feedback of presentation

11 December, 2020

*Education event presentation on soft skills*

Bunmi’s approach to teaching on soft skills is so practical and applicable to all works of life.

Her ability to remove the myth from reality is so impressive and impactful.

It makes every parent understand reasons why soft skills are needed for reaching ones goals and dream jobs.

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Ronke Olulana

UCAS Webinar

11 December, 2020

It was a friendly & informative chat, step by step instructions on how to log in and (solutions if things goes wrong during the session, which was amazing) all information provided well in advance. My daughter had all her questions answered. She was well impressed. Thank you very much.

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Sunita Ahgun

Very Useful and Bettering

11 December, 2020

I am 16 years old and currently in Year 11. I attended the soft skills workshop during the February half term. I found that it taught me a lot of useful information which otherwise I would not have learned through traditional education. The workshop used a very good balance of both teaching and activities which made for a more interesting learning experience. I know I am now better off for attending this workshop because I have learned a lot of useful skills which will help me get ahead in life. I am now more confident, have better communication skills, have better presentation skills, am more aware of my body language and what it says to others and I will now be better in interview situations. This workshop has helped me to set long term goals and determine how I want to achieve them. I would highly recommend this workshop, even if you already have good soft skills because any teenager stands to learn a lot here, no matter how much you think you already know

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Adekoyejo Adegbite