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UCAS Webinar

4.0 rating
18 March, 2020

My son and daughter participated in the 2019 Summer UCAS Webinar.
The tips he got there came in handy for him regarding developing his soft skills and transferring his skills set to other areas and general knowledge.
This has enhanced his prospect during his university selections.
He reflected on this in his university application and the portfolio he submitted for his choice of study.
He was called for an interview recently and got a verygood feedback from the Head of Studies. He got an offer on his 1st choice of University to study the course he has great passion for.


2 Day Soft Skills Workshop

5.0 rating
8 March, 2020

I am 16 years old and currently in Year 11. I attended the soft skills workshop during the February half term. I found that it taught me a lot of useful information which otherwise I would not have learned through traditional education. The workshop used a very good balance of both teaching and activities which made for a more interesting learning experience. I Know I am now better off for attending this workshop because I have learned a lot of useful skills which will help me get ahead in life. I am now more confident, have better communication skills, have better presentation skills, am more aware of my body language and what it says to others and I will now be better in interview situations. This workshop has helped me to set long term goals and determine how I want to achieve them. I would highly recommend this workshop, even if you already have good soft skills because any teenager stands to learn a lot here, no matter how much you think you already know

Adekoyejo Adegbite

Soft skills workshop

5.0 rating
4 November, 2019

I was happy that my son attended this workshop. He found that he was able to practise interview skills and was keen to show me when I asked him to, he actually was happy to demonstrate his newly-honed skills to me! Highly recommend.


Soft skills workshop

5.0 rating
23 September, 2019

My 17 year old daughter attended the course and she absolutely loved it. She grew in confidence as the days went on and she learnt new skills which enhanced her interviewing skills and she was also given a small gift at the end. If you can get your child to attend then please do. I would highly recommend it.

Sandra Kaima

Soft Skills 2-Day Workshop

5.0 rating
16 September, 2019

I was at a loss as to how I could support my Daughter with strengthening her interactive and engagement skills until I found out about this Course. It has simply been God-sent! Not only was she impressed and surprised at how much she enjoyed the course, she was taken aback at how interesting and eye-opening it was. It literally was an answer to a prayer for me because the problem wasn’t to do with her academics as she does well with her subjects. The Course addressed issues not directly tackled in school – issues to do with presenting and articulating thoughts, views and ideas with confidence and a natural ease specific to my Daughter’s style and personality. The Course has had such an impact, it’s armed her with an effective structure and patterns that I watch her consistently apply even in informal family banter! I can honestly recommend this Course for any student wanting to improve or master the skills of communicating and effectively engaging with others with focus and ease. Conversations that my Daughter would in the past leave to me to lead on, she now takes in her strides and navigates them with such confidence, that I am now honestly mentally taking notes for myself!

Tricia Olagunju