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Soft Skills 2-Day Workshop

5.0 rating
16 September, 2019

I was at a loss as to how I could support my Daughter with strengthening her interactive and engagement skills until I found out about this Course. It has simply been God-sent! Not only was she impressed and surprised at how much she enjoyed the course, she was taken aback at how interesting and eye-opening it was. It literally was an answer to a prayer for me because the problem wasn’t to do with her academics as she does well with her subjects. The Course addressed issues not directly tackled in school – issues to do with presenting and articulating thoughts, views and ideas with confidence and a natural ease specific to my Daughter’s style and personality. The Course has had such an impact, it’s armed her with an effective structure and patterns that I watch her consistently apply even in informal family banter! I can honestly recommend this Course for any student wanting to improve or master the skills of communicating and effectively engaging with others with focus and ease. Conversations that my Daughter would in the past leave to me to lead on, she now takes in her strides and navigates them with such confidence, that I am now honestly mentally taking notes for myself!

Tricia Olagunju

Soft skills 2 days workshop

5.0 rating
13 September, 2019

My 14 year old son attended the Soft skills workshop during the half term in February 2019.
He was reluctant to attend at first as he felt i was denying him of 2 days of his holiday.
I was however pleasantly surprised when i picked him up ,as he had a big grin on his face and said it was really interesting. He was very happy about how the day had turned out. He said it was very interactive and the trainer engaged really well with the group. He had learnt about communication skills including body language and tone, interviewing skills, and took part in role play with feedback from the groups, there was also a presentation on topics interesting to youths.
He was extremely eager to attend the next day. To top it up on the second day he came home with a bag of useful materials to remind him of the workshop.
I am so glad I encouraged him to attend, as it turned out to be a very rewarding experience. Many of the things he learnt at the workshop he is still applying in various ways today.

Adebimpe Olowe

Soft Skill, Work Experience, Scholarships, and Career Advisory Services

5.0 rating
20 September, 2019

SmartKid has continuously and proactively provided useful career development and soft skill tools that support my children to achieve their set goals and challenge their capabilities always. It is a fantastic platform that allows every child to thrive and maximise their potential. I will recommend every parent to sign up for Smartkid newsletters, courses and social media for life time skills and a wealth of opportunities. Your child deserves every chance to shine!

Bamidele Saka

UCAS Webinar

5.0 rating
14 September, 2019

This webinar showed me step by step the applying to University process which I found very helpful. The tips given regarding writing my personal statement were extremely helpful as I know what to and what not to involve in my statement and how to make my statement stand out from others!


The Smart Kid

5.0 rating
11 September, 2019

I am not even sure where to start in writing this review. Words cannot express what this platform has provided for my son and I.
Smart Kids was and still is where I go for the guidance and direction I need to help shape my sons future. Despite having two degrees and coming from a family with a strong academic background, I still found I was not equipped to get the very best for my sons education/ life skills on my own. The moment I heard about Smart Kids, I began attending seminars for parents and making sure my son attends workshops and webinars. It has made a tremendous difference. I also found great information on tutors and what to look for when applying for the best schools/ universities for your child.
I have been following Smart Kids for almost two years now and wish I had signed up earlier. This August my son got a distinction in Engineering and I can definitely say Smart Kids have had a lot to do with that! The team are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated and have a passion for what they do.
I will always encourage parents to join this platform. I cannot thank the team at Smart Kids enough!

Jacqueline Ishiekwene