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University Applications truly made easy!

17 September, 2021

We completed the ‘University Application Made Easy’ course and found it to be very useful, informative and insightful of the application process, the UCAS end to end process and what we should be considering as we plan university phase.

The steps were easy to follow and navigate through the videos and resources provided.

We saw how important it was to start thinking about building the profile for the personal statement and what the interviewers will be looking out for.

We appreciate the fact that we can go back to replay the videos within the 150 days too. Thanks for putting this course together. Highly recommended!

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The Smart Kids opportunities page is gold

11 March, 2021

The Smart Kids opportunities page is gold. I forwarded some of the opportunities on the page to a friend’s son. I did this every time over a period of about 3 months not knowing if anything would come out of it.

To my surprise, I got a message from his and his mum some days ago that he secured an internship from one of the opportunities. He is so very excited! Thank you for selflessly sharing these opportunities

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Invaluable information every child and parent should be aware of

11 December, 2020

I am not even sure where to start in writing this review. Words cannot express what this platform has provided for my son and I.

Smart Kids was and still is where I go for the guidance and direction I need to help shape my sons future. Despite having two degrees and coming from a family with a strong academic background, I still found I was not equipped to get the very best for my sons education/ life skills on my own. The moment I heard about Smart Kids, I began attending seminars for parents and making sure my son attends workshops and webinars. It has made a tremendous difference. I also found great information on tutors and what to look for when applying for the best schools/ universities for my child.

I have been following Smart Kids for almost two years now and wish I had signed up earlier. This August my son got a distinction in Engineering and I can definitely say Smart Kids have had a lot to do with that! The team are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated and have a passion for what they do.

I will always encourage parents to join this platform. I cannot thank the team at Smart Kids enough!

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Jacqueline Ishiekwene

The October 2020 half term soft skills sessions

8 November, 2020

My son attended the three day sessions with Smart kid. He found it very useful and interactive. He completed his reflective feedback on his school portal where he stated that the workshops boosted his confidence and he is very much aware of all the communication skills and how these essential skills will help him both at school and in the future. He spoke about the verbal and non verbal skills. He loved every minute of the sessions. I would definitely recommend parents book this workshop for their children. It is a lovely way of engaging them during the holidays to acquire the skills needed in their daily lives.

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Stephanie Orisakwe

Soft Skills Sessions

7 November, 2020

It was very beneficial and relatable especially me being the youngest in the group. It taught me a lot of things in significant areas such as communication and confidence .

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