Recommended Book Series for Boys

9 Great Book Series for Boys

Book series are superb for a number of reasons. One reason is that if your child likes the first book in any particular series, he or she will likely want  to read the remaining books. Series effectively help your child develop a reading culture by stealth. Why not explore the books series titles listed below, your son is likely to find something that catches his fancy. Find here more tips on how to help your son start loving reading.

Book Series



Ideal Age

Brilliant World of Tom Gates Liz Pichon Funny stories and dynamic cartoons 9+
The World of Norm Jonathan Meres Funny stories with illustrations 9-12
Barry Loser Jim Smith Short funny stories 6-8
Timmy Failure Stephan Pastis Funny stories 10+
Alex Rider Anthony Horowitz Thriller 15+
River of Ink Helen Dennis Thriller 10+
Chronicles of Narnia C. S. Lewis Fantasy 8+
Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien Fantasy 12+
Horrible Histories Terry Deary Humorous History 7+

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