Making the Most of the Holidays

As if by magic, the half-term break is upon us again and whilst the youngsters are excited that they do not have to wake up early to go to school, several parents up and down the nation are scrambling around, trying to keep their children safe and constructively occupied during the holidays.

School holidays however do not need to be so stressful for parents; with a bit of foresight and careful planning the break could provide a great opportunity to help build up on other vital skills.


Engaging in meaningful Extra Curricular Activities goes beyond the enhancement of your child’s resume. It helps boost their confidence and whatever they choose as a career in future, they are more likely to network effectively due to being well-rounded given their exposure to much more than academics. See the 19 May blog for more thoughts on the benefits of Extra Curricular Activities.




Overcoming Barriers 

The Smart Kid recently spoke to a very intelligent lawyer who graduated from a Russell Group university with a 2:1 award a few years ago. Although she was able to get a training contract in a top city firm when she graduated, the one thing she said was a barrier in the first few years of her career was that she didn’t feel able to contribute effectively to conversations that were not necessarily academic or related to her profession as she had grown up with a narrow academic-only focus. The good news is that she recognised the gap early enough and started to work on developing other interests. She is now more comfortable in those non-academic settings however she believes her journey would have been smoother had she engaged in extra-curricular activities earlier on in life.


Two young ladies whose mothers are subscribers to The Smart Kid have shared their summer holiday experiences with us. These are indeed great examples of out-of-school activities that help children develop other valuable life skills. We have their permission to share these stories for the benefit of others.

My NCS Experience

Debate Chamber Summer School

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At The Smart Kid, we often run or know about a range of activities that will help boost your teenager's confidence. One such event is our own Soft Skills workshop which is run during the February and October half term holidays. You can find out more about the next workshop here.


  1. Mo, London

    Really impressive blog with useful tips for families. As parents, we may sometimes struggle to jungle our children’s needs with all the other responsibilies of life. Finding the time to develop our childrens gifts, talents and interests, however, pays off in the ling run. Thanks for this posts. Looking forward to more!

    1. AdminTSK

      Thanks Mo. Do let us know of any topics you want to see in future editions by emailing

  2. Katia

    I can’t agree more.
    The extra curriculum is a key to unlock the imaginable in our children’s mind and heart.

    To enable them to think beyond their reach and to conqueror the ‘so called’ impossible in their minds.

    Making what was not thinkable to tangible, REAL and pleasurable!

    Since this summer till Oct half term my daughter took part on varies activities. To name a few:- performing at a Wedding, British Urban Film Festival, House of Lords, The Home Office, Colour Radio, National Youth Orchestra rehearsal, DoE practice/assessment expeditions and work experience in Denturist field.

    As she returns to Westcliff, the extra curriculum continues. This week she has the Berio Duetti Concert, City Gates Church Talent Show and DoE expedition presentation.

    More they are exposed, more they can reach. Increasing their confidence raise their goals.

    Many blessings

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