Equip your child for success beyond A-levels.

Your child is now a young person and probably away from home so you are unlikely to be involved in their day to day decisions. Actions and decisions taken by your child at this stage are however likely to significantly impact the rest of their lives.

So how can a parent like you who has great aspirations for their child get involved in such key decisions constructively without interfering?

A level exams

Time to soar

You stand a good chance of positively influencing your child’s choices if you build a good rapport and are armed with up-to-date information about the current and next few phases of their education journey.

By coming back to this website regularly, you will be equipped with the information you need to support your child beyond A-levels especially in the ever-changing landscape.

Let's examine some of the ever changing aspects of education in UK…

Do you know...

  1. What the milk round is?
  2. Which universities get the most milk round visits?
  3. What future employers will be looking for in addition to your child’s excellent grades at A-levels and beyond?
  4. Which debt-free options are available to your child in relation to university tuition fees?
  5. That your child can get a career-enhancing graduate scheme job even before graduation?

No matter what your answers are to these questions, I am here to help and this is why I am qualified to do so:

Bunmi Adekeye

I am blessed to be the mother of two young men who have excelled academically at each phase of their education from reception to university.

As you will see on this website and my other platforms, I have learnt a lot over the years and have a lot to share.

Just like you, I have great aspirations for my children. Determined to give them every opportunity to fulfil their potential, I took a keen interest in their education and started to seek ways in which I could give them a sound footing even before they started formal schooling.

I strongly believe that a robust education is one of the greatest enablers of social mobility. This belief is what fuelled my passion when my sons were younger and it is why till today I continue to share key information with other parents.

Over the years I have learnt so much but it does not stop there. I continue to learn daily because I am passionate about 'all things education’.

As they say, knowledge is power… my mission is to share vital information with you so that you are empowered and equipped to help your children get the best grades and outcomes that they have the potential to achieve.

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