Debate Chamber Summer School

Debate Chamber is an organisation that provides informative and thought provoking summer schools for students aged 11-18. In these summer schools students choose a profession that they are interested in before having different professionals of that field come in and tutor them over the course of three weeks.

Insights into Law

I have had an interest in Law for quite some time so when my mum found out about Debate Chamber through The Smart Kid I was very eager to go. I attended the first week of the Debate Chamber Law Course, in which we focused on both Criminal and Family Law. Due to the wide age range on the website I was pleased to find that I was in a room of 13 other students, all of whom were very close to my age range. Throughout the course I remained thoroughly engaged, reporting back to my mum each night after an interesting day of learning about the 2 elements of all crimes and financial redistribution in Central London.

The Mock Trial

On Wednesday, we were presented with a case of theft and given witness statements and advice from our tutors as to how we should prepare our defence. It was a very eye-opening experience as we got to see some of the work that criminal lawyers have to prepare before cases. As well as this, on Friday, we had a mock trial in which we learnt some court etiquette and got to try on the wigs and gowns that barristers are obliged to wear in court.


Overall I found the experience to be extremely memorable and fun. I had the opportunity to meet people who have similar interests to me, some of whom I have kept in touch with. I also learnt some valuable and interesting information regarding the profession that I would one day hope to be a part of. I will definitely continue to look out for anything else The Smart Kid recommends and I would also recommend this experience to anyone.

Tumi A

KS3 Pupil

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