Our “Big Why”

The Smart Kid was founded by Bunmi Adekeye in response to a gap she identified whilst raising her two sons. Having moved back to the UK in 1995 after a 24-year stint growing up and living in Nigeria, she noticed very early on that easily understood information about the UK education system was not readily available. Determined to give her sons, who were then toddlers, a fighting chance of fulfilling their potential, Bunmi undertook much research in order to appreciate the education options that were available to her children.

During those early years of returning to the UK, Bunmi noticed that a lot parents from minority ethnic communities were also unclear about how the UK education system worked. Concerned that the fuzziness of these parents was negatively impacting their children’s prospects, Bunmi realised that it was important that she shared her new-found knowledge.

Therefore, to support parents like herself, Bunmi set up The Smart Kid website where she could publish easily digestible insights and findings from her research and experience. Her objective was and still is to equip parents with vital information so that they are empowered with the right tools to guide and help their children to achieve their full potential.

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Our Approach

Bunmi’s mantra is that by sharing insightful tips with parents and showing them how to apply the information, they will develop the know-how, confidence and motivation to take positive action for their children.

Although her children are now young adults, Bunmi’s passion to see the potential of children and young adults fulfilled, means that she still continues to avidly research the UK education system and break her findings down into practical and helpful guides for parents.

In addition to The Smart Kid website where dozens of easily digestible blogs have been published based on her research and experience, Bunmi also coaches parents through various seminars and workshops.

Our Audience


Although The Smart Kid was set up to support parents from minority ethnic backgrounds who are putting their children through the UK education system, a lot of the principles and guidelines shared are useful parenting tips that can be applied by any parent irrespective of their background or where they live.

Young Adults

Making the right decisions regarding further education and career paths can be daunting for young adults. Approximately 10 years after The Smart Kid was set up, the children of the parents that had utilised our services are now young adults with enormous potential but facing the same challenging question of: what next?

Who is Bunmi Adekeye?

Bunmi (BBA) is happily married and blessed with two sons, who both are in their twenties. Applying the same tips she has shared with others via The Smart Kid, she is thankful to God that her sons are now successful Russell Group university graduates who started their careers with graduate jobs in the professional services and financial services sectors.

Her professional experience in the UK spans more than two decades and includes the public and private sectors. She has worked in both professional services and financial services companies in the private sector and understands the internship and graduate recruitment process for these highly sought after sectors. Bunmi is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and an Agile Coach (SPC) who holds an MBA from the London Business School. As a Christian, the tips Bunmi shares are largely influenced by teachings from the Bible.

User Testimonials

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Fumi is a mother of two… both her daughters are currently doing very well in highly competitive grammar schools.

Well done to you and the other contributors - keep up the good work. You really are dealing with relevant issues that cause a lot of confusion. It took me quite some time to understand the full implications of 'streaming' and 'setting' and I'm glad I did early on in my daughter’s school life. Seeing your concise article is a big plus I hope lots of people take time to read it as it is such an important concept.

ChiChi is a mother of three… her daughters are currently doing very well in highly competitive schools.

The Smart Kid was very supportive towards the 11+ preparations and recommended a tuition centre, which my first daughter attended for some time. To God be the glory she passed and The Smart Kid contributed to it.

My daughter did very well in secondary school and she represented her school in UK, China (athletics) and Malta (netball tournament).

Her school balances the pupil’s talents and academics and my daughter achieved top grades – A*s and level 9 including A* in Math, English & Literature. She's currently studying for her IB in a competitive sixth form. Glory to God!

Her younger sister, who attends the same grammar school, is also doing well and has been predicted top grades.

Tayo is a mother of three… her first daughter is currently studying Chemistry in university, her middle child is now taking his A-levels and her youngest is also in a top notch grammar school.

Some of the things The Smart Kid initiative helped me with were:

Knowing that I should not just send my children to any school just because it's near my house as that doesn't necessarily mean that's the best school they can attend.

Understanding the grading system ie that children in the lower sets can never score better than a C grade even if they score 100% in their paper (This is the only place I heard this).

Discovering that we could learn things alongside our children when we go over their homework with them e.g. medieval history, which I’d never learnt in my own education outside of UK.

These are things that have stuck with us and which we have implemented in our children's education.

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