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 You work hard but are not sure you know what it takes to get into UK’s leading university and careers

You know what it takes but you don’t have the confidence to navigate the journey

You don’t know and don’t have the confidence that leading institutions and careers are looking for

If your answer is YES to any of the above, help is at hand...

We coach and equip students for success beyond school

We coach and equip parents with the information and skills to support their teenage students better.

We provide access to enrichment activities and opportunities that help students stand out from their peers


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Who we are?

The Smart Kid is an education and early careers support organisation founded by Bunmi Adekeye.                                                                  We work with UK students who want to succeed and:

  •     Help them develop skills that are not necessarily taught in school           
  •     Connect them to enrichment opportunities that boost their chances      of success in school and beyond

We also work with parents of UK students who want the best for their children. We equip them with the information needed to steer their children in the right direction


Before receiving help from The Smart Kid, I had sent 100s of applications… and only been called for 2 interviews. Mrs A took the time to scrutinise my CV and cover letters, giving me step by step instructions on how to improve them… In the end, I was successful in my application for two jobs… I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for the help I received from Mrs A, I would not have been able to get these jobs.



My daughter attended the 3 days workshop. She found it very useful and informative, the overall workshop was packed and loaded with very useful information. Which has now boosted her knowledge and confidence. They were able to interact with each other, on various topics to do with soft skills. I believe the information learnt from the workshop would go a long way. And l would highly recommend this workshop for the targeted age group.


Parent of teen

Is your teen applying to Uni this or next year?

You want to help them through the process but aren’t sure how to effectively do so.

You want to be sure their personal statement is written in a way that will open doors.

You want to be sure they are selecting the right universities for the course they want to study.

If any of these rings true then the UAME Course is for you


We specialise in connecting students to enrichment opportunities.

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